A floral wreath made from a hula hoop
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Turn An Old Hula Hoop Into A Gorgeous Patio Wreath With This Simple Hack
To cut costs when it comes to outdoor decorations, up your game with DIY tricks, like this hack for creating a decorative wreath out of a cheap, plastic hula hoop.
Once you have your hula hoop, paint it using either spray or liquid paint that’s specifically designed for plastics to prevent it from peeling while exposed to the elements.
Once dry, weave faux garland around half the hoop in a semicircle and secure it with florist wire. Layer your chosen faux flowers around the garland in any way you’d like.
Hang straight up and down or at a jaunty angle. You could hang a message such as "welcome" or "family" in the middle with foam lettering strung on a clear fishing line.
To include fresh flowers in the mix, place each flower stem in a water pick before securing them to the hula hoop with floral wire. Replace them as needed.