Old birdbath in garden
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Turn Old CDs Into A One-Of-A-Kind DIY Birdbath
The colorful, sparkling surfaces of CDs make them perfect for creating an eye-catching, mosaic-covered birdbath, which will not only attract birds but also decorate your lawn.
You’ll need a lot of colorful old CDs, a strong adhesive, basic grout, clear poly coat, and either a DIY birdbath or a shabby old birdbath that you’ll cover with the CD mosaics.
Place your CDs in a plastic bag to prevent shards flying everywhere, then hit them with a hammer to break them into pieces, or use scissors to cut out specific shapes and sizes.
Glue the mosaics to your birdbath in your chosen design, then varnish it to protect the CD finish. Finally, apply the grout, let it dry, wipe away the excess, and varnish it again.
Your mosaics will withstand all kinds of weather, so you can use them on outdoor birdhouses, candles, or lanterns. You can also use them indoors on bowls, votive holders, or boxes.