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Turn Old Mason Jars Into A Bee Paradise For Your Garden This Summer
Beekeepers and gardeners often use jars to help quench the thirst of their local bees, and it’s easy to make your own water station for these pollinators with pre-loved Mason jars.
Get two short, thin wooden slats; a 100% cotton T-shirt; fabric scissors; a rubber band; and a porcelain plate with a foot ring that the mouth of the jar fits snugly within.
Tools-wise, have on hand an awl, hammer and nail, or drill with a 3/64-inch metal-piercing drill bit, a hand-held grinder, and goggles. Punch or drill eight or so holes in the lid.
Fill the jar with water and screw the lid back on. Then, place the two wooden slats on the ground at a little less than a jar lid-width apart.
Upturn the jar so the lid faces down and balance it atop the slats. This leaves a gap the bees can crawl through to reach the holes in the lid and the water that drips out.
Another option is to replace the lid with a square of cloth cut from the old cotton T-shirt. Secure it in place with a rubber band, and the bees will suck the water from the cloth.
For best results, have more than one jar available for your bees. Mount your water feeders to a bespoke stand in a shaded area to create an in-garden watering station.