Solar lanterns made from spray paint can lids
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Turn Old Spray Paint Can Lids Into Patio Lights With This TikTok Hack
TikToker @redeux_style has recently shared how she makes solar lanterns for her patio using colorful spray paint can lids, and it’s a great alternative to pricey store-bought ones.
All you have to do is use a drill bit to create several holes around the sides of the lids for the light to shine through and pop them on solar lights with a puck design.
After being charged by the sun, the solar lights illuminate your outdoor space through the holes. You can use several of these to line your walkway or place a grouping on a table.
Feel free to use some painter's tape to mark where you’d like the holes. You can also vary the size of your drill bit to create holes of different sizes or decorative patterns.