Foam pool noodles in orange, green, purple, and yellow
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Turn Pool Noodles Into Adorable Halloween Candles With This Easy DIY
To create your own Halloween candle decorations like TikTok user Danielle Kirk’s, you'll need pool noodles, black spray paint, hot glue, and battery-powered tealight candles.
Kirk uses orange pool noodles and spray paints them later, but if you’d like to skip the painting process, you can grab some black pool noodles from Dollar Tree.
Cover the flames of your tea lights with tape before spray painting the base of them black. Then, cut your pool noodles and glue them together to create a candle formation.
Use hot glue to add imitation candle-wax drips to create that spooky, just-lit effect. Spray paint everything black, and place your candles in the pool-noodle holes.