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Turn Pool Noodles Into Colorful Rainbow Wall Decor With This Easy DIY
TikTok user @thegiddenfarm shared how to make inexpensive DIY wall decor that’s great for a children’s room or baby’s nursery — and that’s customized to your personality and taste.
For this wall-hanging rainbow, you’ll need some pool noodles, yarn, hot glue, scissors, and some decorative materials. You can complete this entire hack for under $30.
Shape several pool noodles into an arch, holding them in place between heavy objects or by placing bent copper pipes inside them. Cut the ends of the pool noodles so they’re even.
Wrap each noodle tightly in yarn, gluing the yarn onto both ends. Vary the types of yarn, like eyelash or fringed, for a more textured look, or use any colors that fit your design.
Once they're completely wrapped in yarn, glue the noodles together, then tie them all near the base with yarn or use wood skewers to hold the arch shape in place.
Create a fringe for the bottom to mimic clouds by cutting up white, fluffy yarn and bunching it together. You can also make clouds from tassels, cotton batting, or large pom poms.
Glue or tie a piece of yarn to the back for hanging. Finally, finish the piece by adding trim, beads, pom poms, and other decorations that create depth and texture.