Valentine's Day fireplace mantel decor
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Turn Simple Dollar Tree Items Into A Beautiful Valentine's DIY
If you’re looking for an inexpensive and easy way to decorate for Valentine's Day, making a wreath with supplies from Dollar Tree will help you stay on budget while celebrating.
For a heart-shaped wreath, take your dusters from Dollar Tree and hot glue them along the metal frame. Once they’re secure, trim the fluff to accentuate the shape of your wreath.
If you don’t like the white, fluffy look, try using tulle, which will still give you texture. Bunch up glitter tulle as you glue it to your frame without leaving any areas bare.
You can also use twine with faux roses or change up the shape entirely by going with a round metal or foam wreath. Choose the kind of look you want to match your space.
Once your base is stable and covering your wreath, feel free to start decorating with any other Dollar Tree supplies that might catch your eye. Just remember to have fun.