Woman filling planter bin with soil
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Turn Steel
Bins Into Farmhouse-Chic Planter Boxes With
This Easy DIY
Planter boxes allow better control over your soil, and they create a more organized, attractive garden. All you need to make one at home is a galvanized steel bin and a drill.
If you do not already have bins at home, you can pick up a range of size and style options online or at any home improvement store to suit your gardening and aesthetic needs.
Drill evenly spaced holes into the bin’s bottom with either a ¼-inch or ½-inch drill bit. If you’re placing it in an outdoor garden, set it on top of two pavers for water drainage.
Research the best soil mixture for your plants, then fill the bin with soil, fertilizer, and mulch. Add some worms or organic material to recreate a natural garden environment.