This is a modern solar-powered garden lamp.
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Turn These Dollar Tree Materials Into A Stylish DIY Solar Lamp
Most people use Dollar Tree outdoor solar lights in the original manner intended, but
they can also be deconstructed and used as the basis for simple DIY
craft projects.
TikTok user @hometalk made a DIY lamp by gluing 6 bowls base-to-base and rim-to-rim using E6000 permanent bond adhesive. The bowls can be any design since you
can paint them.
Once the bowls are glued together, glue two Styrofoam discs together and make a hole in the middle so the solar panel can fit into it. Then glue them on one of the open bowl ends.
A lampshade of your choice is then fitted over the creation to complete the look. This lamp is cheap, easy to make, and perfect for patios and other outdoor spaces.