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Turn This Popular IKEA Shoe Cabinet Into Handy Clothes Storage
If you're looking for a way to organize your clothes stylishly yet with minimal fuss, turn to IKEA's Brusali shoe cabinet, as demonstrated by TikTok's @claudiaberresford.
Priced at $99, the budget-friendly Brusali unit helps reduce the room's mess, and its tilted design helps you effortlessly see what's inside and find the required items.
To install the unit, simply build it and slot it wherever you want in your room, whether inside a walk-in closet, a nook, or against a wall. Next, fold or roll your clothes.
Finally, pop them into the compartments in a categorized order. Organize everything on top of or next to each other in each compartment to minimize the mess.
You can further customize the hack and paint the unit your preferred color or simply match the room's decor. You can also add some drawstring storage bags for socks and underwear.