Empty rolls of toilet paper
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Turn Toilet Paper Rolls Into DIY Wall Decor With This TikTok Hack
According to TikTok home improvement enthusiast @theflippedpiece, you can create a spectacular DIY artwork using saved toilet paper rolls cut and finessed onto a large canvas.
Buy canvas and paint that complement your room. Make your own frames with spare plywood and glue by covering the perimeter of the canvas and shaping the ends into 45-degree angles.
Cut your toilet paper rolls across the diameter at about ¼ inch thick, ensuring that all the pieces are uniform. Keep snipping the rolls until you have a bowl full of cut pieces.
Next, bring out the canvas and lather some glue on it. @theflippedpiece laid the pieces out in a spiral design on the canvas, but you can place them in any fashion you’d like.
Add more glue as you go until you reach your desired size, and wait for it to dry or use your blow dryer. Then, paint in between the scraps and the rest of your canvas.
You can even paint a background design on the canvas before gluing the scraps. Finally, paint and attach your frame, and hang your masterpiece
on the wall.