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Turn Unused Space Under The Stairs Into Built-Ins With IKEA's Kallax
The small size and awkward shape of the area under the stairs make this space hard to use. However, with two IKEA Kallax units, you can create a chic storage unit for your area.
As shown by TikToker @houseprojectuk, if you add extra shiplap and trim, the Kallax units blend in with the staircase. The result is an open shelf with pull-out rolling drawers.
First, screw four caster wheels into the bottom of the Kallax cube so it's mobile, then place it under the stairs sideways. Next, create a shiplap panel.
Screw the panel into the cube's side so it's covered and blends with the stairs. Cut off the top of the Kallax tower so it fits in the left corner of the space under the stairs.
Place trim on either side of the tower so that it hits the wall and covers the front-facing edges of the tower. Add another piece of trim between the tower and the roll-out cube.
Add molding at the top of both structures and cover the gaps with filler for a custom look. Sand your pieces, prime them, then paint them your stairs' color for a seamless look.
Finally, add a drawer pull to your pullout piece, making sure to install it above the shelf inside, then put in your insert boxes. The entire hack should cost you under $200.