Assortment of vintage tea towels
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Turn Vintage Tea Towels Into A Work Of Art With HGTV's Clever Trick
You can frame your vintage tea towels to turn them into a unique piece of art. Begin by gently washing the linen and pressing it with a cool iron if it's not too delicate.
Keep in mind that it doesn't need to look pristine because some signs of aging will contribute to its charm. The next step is to choose what size frame you need.
You can choose a frame that is slightly larger than your tea towel. Remove the backing from the frame, then select a mat or piece of cardstock in a complementary color.
Make sure the mat or cardstock is slightly larger than the tea towel as well so that it can serve as a border. Stick the fabric to the mat and center the item inside the frame.
For larger tea towels with a prominent design, choose a frame that is slightly smaller than the fabric. Simply fold the towel over the backing and set it back inside the frame.