Landscaped backyard with stone steps and potted plants
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Turn Your Backyard Into A Stunning Oasis With This Simple DIY
Like their full-size cousins, mini water gardens have a lot of benefits, and you should be adding one to your landscape. Thanks to this simple DIY, you can make one of your own.
You’ll want to start with a pot that is proportionally wide and shallow but deep enough to hold the plants' nursery containers. Pots 16 inches in diameter, for example, are great.
Place a fountain pump with a vertical spout into the pot. If your little pond has a front, put your taller plants toward the back; if not, simply place them in the center.
Use the plants to conceal the pump and power cord. Weight the nursery pots down with pea gravel or larger rounded stones, then fill it with water, turn on the pump, and enjoy.