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Turn Your Bed Into A Storage Solution With This Clever IKEA Hack
All you need to give your bed additional storage is a couple of the NORDLI two-drawer chests from IKEA that you can buy online or in person.
Once you have the chests, assemble each one per the instructions and make sure they're steady, as you'll be placing weight on them.
Set up each dresser side by side and place your bed frame on top. Then add a mattress and the rest of your bedding, and your built-in alternative to a dresser will be ready.
The NORDLI collection offers various product options, including a three-drawer and four-drawer dresser, so you can even create more spacious dressers if you need them.
Use a valance to cover your dresser and bed hybrid for a smoother look, or you can even buy a duvet or comforter that can hang over the side of your bed to cover the drawers.