DIY mushroom light feature
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Turn Your Home Into A Whimsical Forest With This DIY Lighting Feature
If you enjoy nature-inspired themes, try making this cute mushroom lighting feature, shared by TikTok user @infinitecreativity_, as a single ornament or as part of a larger design.
You’ll need parchment paper, LED lights, a hot glue gun, glue sticks, faux moss, and flat glass marbles. You’ll also need a mirror, a faux log, or a Mason jar lid to use as a base.
Spread the parchment paper out and drop various-sized dollops of hot glue all over it, letting the dollops dry completely before removing them. These will be your mushroom caps.
Next, turn your fairy lights into stems by bending the wire into straight lines with a light at each tip, then covering the stems in a thin layer of hot glue to keep them upright.
Now, glue your mushroom caps onto the tips of these wire stems to form mushroom shapes. @infinitecreativity_ glued faux moss onto a mirror's frame, then glued the mushrooms on top.
For a centerpiece, glue faux moss onto a faux log, then add flat marbles and the mushroom lights. You can also glue these lights inside a Mason jar lid to create a small ornament.