Blue hydrangeas in bloom
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Turn Your Hydrangeas Blue With This Useful Coffee Ground Hack
Blue hydrangeas aren’t always easy to keep, since the blooms can change in color. The good news is that if you're losing your blue flowers, you only need a few coffee grounds.
A hydrangea’s color shifts depending on the acidity of the soil it's planted in. Alkaline dirt gives pink flowers, neutral soil generates white, and acidic soil produces blue.
Some gardeners prefer to use coffee grounds to change the pH of their soil as they’re cheaper than fertilizers. The first thing to do is to test your pH levels with a soil kit.
When amending the soil with grounds, you don't want to simply dump them into the dirt and call it a day. Instead, get your gloves on and spread it across the soil and work it in.
It’s best to do this in late fall so that your blooms come in blue by springtime. You can repeat this twice during the season, adding grounds whenever you add fertilizer.
Before attempting this hack, keep in mind that a couple of varieties cannot produce blue flowers, including Oakleaf hydrangeas, Annabelle hydrangeas, and Peegee hydrangeas.