An elderly adult applying liquid iron to his lawn
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Turn Your Lawn Dark Green In No Time With This One Ingredient
If you want to turn your yellowish lawn into a dark green color in just a few days, liquid iron is your best option. It's so effective that even golf courses use it for green lawn.
Liquid iron not only deepens the green color of common grass strains but also strengthens the root system, leading to improved absorption of nutrients
and water.
When applying the product, it's crucial to follow the instructions, which typically involve diluting it with water and evenly applying the mixture across your lawn using a sprayer.
After applying, let the solution dry for the recommended duration before permitting foot traffic on the lawn. You may also need to water your lawn before and after
the application.
The ideal time to apply liquid iron is during the summer when grass is growing most vigorously and can readily absorb iron and other nutrients.
While various types of liquid iron are available on the market, chelated liquid iron is the best choice because it works faster, ensures maximum absorption, and is toxic to weeds.
Be mindful not to apply too much liquid iron, as it may cause discoloration. To keep your lawn safe, it's recommended not to use it more than four times
per year.