An IKEA Billy Bookcase
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Turn Your Old IKEA Billy Bookcase Into A Stunning
DIY Headboard
Besides preventing head bumps and wayward pillows, headboards can be a beautiful way to elevate your bedroom. Fortunately, you can build one affordably with an IKEA Billy bookcase.
As demonstrated by TikToker @ashleyposkin, disassemble the unit and separate its horizontal shelves, which have four identically cut pieces that are perfect for the headboard.
With a jigsaw and compass, create the arched top and trim away the excess on all four boards. Then, use one of them as a template to cut pieces of upholstery form to the shape.
Similarly, cut cotton batting to the template’s shape, allowing a little room at the edges of the frame and at the bottom where the mattress will rest against the headboard.
Next, attach the foam and batting to the board with spray adhesive before wrapping the entirety in fabric that is stapled along the backside of the frame.
To attach the segments, use tie plates between each piece, which keeps them together and in a straight line. Hang the headboard with a metal French cleat to secure it firmly.
Customize your headboard by sanding the boards, caulking the holes, and adding paint for a more streamlined look. You can also modify the arched cuts into various shapes.