Foam pool noodles in green, yellow, orange, and purple colors
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Turn Your Summer Pool Noodles Into A Festive Halloween Archway
To create your own spooky archway, you’ll need pool noodles, zip ties, two ¾ inch broomsticks, 10 feet of PVC pipe, some creepy cloth, black spray paint, and twinkle lights.
Only use pool noodles that have an open space inside. Opt for black noodles if possible, but if you can’t find them, use black spray paint to make them yourself.
Take the broomsticks and place them on either side of where you want the archway to be. Secure them by sticking them into the dirt or planters.
Slide a noodle onto the broomstick, then add another to the end of the first. Lastly, stick the zip ties through the foam and connect them, which will pull the ties tightly.
Once you've created a rounded arch, insert the PVC pipe to give the noodles extra support. Wrap the twinkle lights around your arch, and drape the creepy cloth over its entire top.
You can either assemble your archway inside if you’re hosting a Halloween party, or outside at the start of your walkway or front door for trick-or-treaters to walk under.