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Turns Out Milk Might Be The Secret Ingredient
Your Tomato Plants Need
Both science and experienced gardeners agree that adding milk products to your garden soil really does work to add calcium, fight fungi, and help produce plump, healthy tomatoes.
Milk is rich in calcium, which tomato plants need to strengthen their cell walls and “prevent blossom end rot,” according to House Digest's Master Gardener Tiffany Selvey.
Dairy milk is the best way to add calcium to your tomato plants, but since it’s a very expensive fertilizer, Selvey suggests using powdered milk as a more cost-effective option.
You first need to check your garden's calcium levels with a soil test. If they’re too low, sprinkle powdered milk at the base of your tomato plants, then water them thoroughly.
You can also use 2% or 1% liquid dairy milk, or evaporated milk. Dilute it with 50% water and pour it directly into the soil around the plant, or spray it onto the leaves.
On the downside, fertilizing soil with milk can attract pests and make the garden smell. You also shouldn't add calcium if your soil doesn't need it, so don't skip the soil test.