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Snake Plants That'll Thrive No Matter Where You Plant Them
The elegant "silver snake plant" has broad, pale, silvery-green leaves with a thin darker green outline. Growing to almost 2 feet tall, it needs morning sun to bloom.
Bantel's Sensation
This 3-foot, sword-shaped plant has olive-green leaves with vertical white variegation and aromatic white spring blooms. Grow it outdoors in shade in zones 10-12.
Fernwood Mikado
With citron-green tiger stripes on dark green leaves, the pointed foliage leans outward from a round base, growing bushier as it matures to a 2- to 3-foot height.
Growing to 4 feet, the plant has emerald-gray, strap-shaped, creamy-yellow rimmed leaves with horizontal jade-green streaks. It prefers sun to part shade in zones 10-12.
As the tallest snake plant at about 8 feet, Jaboa’s broad green and silvery-green mottled leaves at times curl up or flop over. Plant it where it’ll receive filtered sunlight.