Water flowing down drain
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Unclog A Slow Draining Sink With A Popular Item In Your Fridge
If you're dealing with the all-too-common problem of a slow draining sink, there is a surprising solution that might already be in your fridge: Coca-Cola.
This method is especially effective with darker sodas like Coke or Pepsi. Simply pour a 2-liter bottle of your chosen soda at room temperature down the drain and let it do its job.
An hour or two may be enough for minor clogs, but for more stubborn blockages, leaving the soda in the drain for up to 24 hours can significantly improve your chances of success.
After the waiting period, flushing the drain with boiling water helps remove any remaining debris. While this approach is helpful, it might not resolve the issue on the first try.
This soda-based method is gentler on pipes than commercial cleaners. However, it may not suffice for particularly tough clogs, which could necessitate looking into other solutions.