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Underrated Lawn Tools You Didn't Know You Needed For Your Yard
Fiskars standing weeding tool uses a steel claw attached to a long pole that digs into dirt and pulls weeds out — roots and all — so you don’t have to get on your knees.
Its offset handle also helps reduce wrist strain. Simply place it over a weed, push the claw into the soil a little with your foot, push the handle to "grab" the weed, and lift.
This combination weeder and cultivator is designed to get under weeds and pull them up easily, while the tempered steel blade cuts through hard soil.
If your soil is naturally full of clay or just very hard and compact, this tool will quickly chop up the soil and get rid of hard-to-pull weeds all in one go.
These pruning shears have curved blades to make clean cuts as well as a dial to adjust the positioning, anti-blister gel grips, and a non-stick coating for easy cleaning.
This cutter gives you the ability to customize the way the tool fits your unique hand size. Keep your shears well-lubricated and sharpened to keep them working at their best.
This light, adjustable combo garden bench and kneeler has thick foam to reduce strain, can hold up to 350 pounds, and has side pockets for your most-used tools.
When you’re tired of intense digging, you can use the armrests to hoist yourself back up. It also folds up, making it easy to store in your garage or garden shed.
A solar-powered sprinkler, Yardeen is motion-activated and adjustable, designed to keep critters away from your lawn. There’s also a cartridge that holds two AA batteries.
Squirrels, birds, and rabbits can damage new lawns or gardens with their digging, and dog and cat pee can kill lawns. With Yardeen, you can humanely keep common critters away.