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Unexpected Home Items That Can Be Cleaned
In Your Dishwasher
1. Toothbrush And Soap Holders
As the water, debris, and toothpaste residue drip down over time, toothbrush holders turn icky and lead to bacteria growth. Similarly, soap bar holders can get pretty gross too.
Wash your toothbrush holder weekly with the dishwasher’s sanitizing cycle turned on, and soak your soap holder in hot water to loosen the scum before putting it in the dishwasher.
2. Vases And Outdoor Flower Pots
Small vases and flowerpots can go in dishwashers, if they aren't heavy, delicate, hand-painted, or trimmed with gilt. Small garden tools without wooden handles can go in too.
Rinse the vases and tools inside and out with water first to avoid clogging the filter, and use the sanitizing cycle. Dry off metal parts of the tools by hand to prevent corrosion.
3. Small Trashcans
Small trashcans can be washed in the bottom rack of your dishwasher with the top rack raised. Put the can’s lid on the top rack and secure the can upside down on the lower one.
Small bathroom trashcans can be added when the bathroom accessories go in the dishwasher so that everything can be done at once. Try to wash your trashcans at least once a month.
4. Switch Plates And Outlet Covers
Wiping switch plates and outlet covers with cleaner can lead to moisture getting underneath, which can damage the internal components and might even present a fire hazard.
Turn off the electricity, unscrew or pop off the plate or cover, and put it in the dishwasher's top rack. Just make sure they're completely dry before reattaching them to the wall.
5. Drawer
A mucky drawer organizer can dirty up everything that's put in it. A buildup develops when utensils cover up the mess beneath, which cannot be seen unless everything’s taken out.
Turn the drawer organizer upside down and place it on the top rack to ensure the plastic doesn't accidentally warp. Refrain from doing this if your organizer is made of wood.