Milk crates stacked together.
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Unexpected Ways To Use Leftover Milk Crates Around Your Home
Floating Shelves
Create stylish floating shelves with milk crates. Simply spray paint the containers for a lavish look, line them up, and drill them into the wall.
Under-bed Storage
Tuck things away in milk crates and store them under your bed. Attach multiple crates with zip ties to create a long storage unit or add wheels for easier access.
Use fabric, a 2-inch thick foam cushion (the same size or a bit larger than the crate), and wood board (an inch smaller than the foam) to turn a milk crate into an ottoman.
Glue the foam to the board and staple the fabric cover over it. To keep the foam in place, create four anchors with a 1-inch-by-2-inch beam and drill it on the board’s bottom.
Recycling Bin
Use milk crates as recycling bins by lining them with a plastic bag for easy junk removal. Increase their height by cutting out the bottoms, stacking, and gluing them.
Line up four rows with two crates each, zip-tie them, and drill a 26-inch-by-11-inch board to the top and bottom. Insert a 12-inch-by-10 ¼-inch board in each compartment.