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Unexpected Ways To Use Pool Noodles Around The House
1. Make A Faucet Extender For Filling Buckets
Instead of trying to hold a bucket at an awkward angle or splashing water when filling it up at the faucet, try using a pool noodle as a hose to connect the faucet to the bucket.
Place one end of the noodle in the bucket and slide the other end over the head of the faucet. The water should flow through the open center and into the bucket.
2. Help Tall Boots Maintain Their Shape
Placing something inside a tall boot is important to protect it from damage and keep your space tidy. Instead of buying a boot shaper, using a pool noodle can cut the cost.
Just cut the pool noodle into two pieces that are slightly taller than the height of the boots. This will prevent the sides of your tall boots from flopping over.
3. Make An Armrest For Outdoor Chairs
Wrought iron chairs or benches can be made more comfortable by cutting the noodle foam in a spiral pattern so that it expands on either end. It can then be wrapped around the arms.
To do this, draw a winding spiral line from one end of the noodle to the other and cut it with a box cutter. You can also cut a wide noodle down the middle and put it over the arm.
4. Hold And Dry Paint Brushes
Take an 8-inch piece of pool noodle and cut a vertical slit along one side of the piece down to the center hole and rest it on the edge of your water bowl.
Use your knife to cut shallow horizontal slits along the noodle, about one inch apart. You can now slide a paintbrush into each slit, which will send any drips into the bowl.
5. Make A Wedge To Keep Small Items From Sliding Under The Couch
To keep your child and pet toys from disappearing under the couch, cut a pool noodle to the width of the couch, then push it under the front to create a barrier.
Depending on the space between the floor and the base of the couch, a wider “jumbo” noodle may work better. You can also paint the pool noodle to match the color of the sofa.