A woman dusting a book with a Swiffer
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Unexpected Ways You Can Use A Swiffer To Clean Your House
Ceiling Fan Blades
Ceiling fan blades often accumulate dust and cobwebs, and that’s where your Swiffer comes to the rescue. Use an extendable handle, so you won’t need a ladder.
The flat, wide design of the duster allows it to trap the fan’s dust and cobwebs in its electrostatic fibers, preventing the debris from falling back onto your floors or furniture.
Window Blinds
It’s tough cleaning window blinds when dust and pet hair cling to each slat. Use a Swiffer since it doesn’t require any liquids or sprays that leave messes or streaks.
The Swiffer’s design lets you clean multiple slats at once, making it more efficient than cleaning supplies that require more effort, such as sponges and microfiber cloths.
Computer Keyboard
Crumbs and dust accumulate between the keys on a computer keyboard. Thankfully, the Swiffer’s texture and electrostatic charge attract and hold debris.
Unlike paper towels or microfiber cloths that push debris further into the keyboard’s narrow crevices, the duster’s slim profile allows it to access the most challenging areas.
Fixtures & Lampshades
High light fixtures can be challenging to clean, but you can make this chore manageable and efficient using a Swiffer cloth attached to an extendable handle.
You can also make lampshades shine by lightly dusting them with a Swiffer. The duster’s gentle touch prevents damage to the lampshade while effectively removing dust and cobwebs.
Car Interiors
Cleaning a car interior with a Swiffer cloth is a breeze. Its electrostatic properties attract and trap dust and particles without the need for more cleaning products.
The Swiffer is also great for reaching small crevices, including buttons and inside vents. You can even leave a Swiffer in your glove compartment and use it for quick touch-ups.