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Unexpected Ways You Should Be Using Aluminum Foil In The Garden
A beloved kitchen item, aluminum foil has made its foray into gardening practices. For the following ideas, stick to heavy-duty foil, as it's most likely to stand the test of time.
Deter deer from eating your plants by wrapping foil around them up to a height of 3 feet. The texture, reflectivity, and sound will scare the deer off when they eat the plants.
Otherwise, put up electric fencing wrapped with peanut butter-glazed foil strips to lure the deer to the fence. The electric shock and reflective foil will frighten them off.
Reflective mulch made from aluminum foil deters winged insects, protects seedlings from diseases, retains moisture, improves light exposure, and warms the soil at night.
Remove any weeds, lay down cardboard, cover it with thick foil, and make 3- to 4-inch-wide cuts in the mulch to plant your seedlings. Remove the foil when the growth season ends.
To give plants more light in a shaded yard or poorly-lit window, place foil strips around them to reflect sunlight onto them but not so close that they get sunscald.
Amplify light to seedlings by hanging foil strips from grow lights, lining trays with foil, or making seed-starter pots by wrapping sections of the foil’s cardboard tube in foil.