UNSPECIFIED - JANUARY 27: Elkhorn fern or Staghorn fern (Platycerium bifurcatum), Polypodiaceae. (Photo by DeAgostini/Getty Images)
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Unique Looking Houseplants That Could Be Statement Pieces In
Your Home
Rose Grape Plant
Rose grape plants enjoy warm weather and a simple well-draining potting mix, and they should be kept in a bright room with windows facing east or west. Despite being a somewhat obscure houseplant, the rose grape plant is very easy to grow as it is tolerant of dry air, drought, and regular pruning.
Baseball Bat Sansevieria
Baseball bat Sansevieria is a lesser-known snake plant that produces blue-green, upright leaves and gorgeous white flowers on long stalks. The houseplant is slow-growing and neglect tolerant, so you can leave it to grow for a long time without any worries.
Lifesaver Plant
The lifesaver plant is a unique succulent that receives its common name from its fleshy, red, and ring-like flower; it commands attention while also needing little maintenance to survive. This warm-weather plant prefers a bright western or eastern-facing window.
Rattlesnake Plant
Like other prayer plants, the rattlesnake plant has an interesting habit of folding up its leaves at night, as if in prayer. This houseplant often steals the show in indoor gardens as its leaves are naturally a striking bright green littered with darker green stripes and spots.
Nerve Plant
The nerve plant is a low-maintenance Peruvian species, and though it can be easily found at a nursery or box store, it still holds its own among other unique-looking growers. The herbaceous perennial shows off many green leaves that are veined with bright white, pink, or red, depending on the variety.