Stack of folded comforters
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Unique Ways You Could Be Reusing An
Old Comforter Around The House
Fashion garland with strips of fabric from your comforter and some rope or twine. Tear the comforter into strips, tie them in a knot around the rope, and push them together.
DIY Apron
Create an apron to use in the garden, in the kitchen, or while cleaning around the house. You can stitch a pocket on the front from extra fabric for holding items as well.
Travel Pouch
Cut the fabric down to size and sew a simple pouch with a zipper or a button in the middle as a fastener. Use your new pouch to store coins or jewelry while traveling.
Pet Bed
Use your old comforter to build the perfect new bed for your pet. It can be as simple as a cotton-filled cushion or as complex as a structured bed with wooden sides.
Plant Cover
When the weather gets cold, use your old comforters to protect your shrubs and other large plants from frost damage. Simply take them off once the weather warms again.