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Unleash The Power Of A Poodle Noodle For Pet-Proofed Windowsills
While having an attentive guard dog at home can be great, dealing with its nails damaging the finish of your windowsills is not. This pool noodle hack can help keep them safe.
Pool noodles can provide a quick, temporary option to protect the sill’s paint job by creating a barrier. They come in several shades and cost about $23 for a set of five.
Using a box cutter, cut each noodle lengthwise to slide over the lip of the sills. No glue or other adhesive is needed because the tension of the noodle should keep it in place.
To prepare and install the pool noodles takes about 15 minutes. However, the solution is a temporary fix while a more permanent option, such as increased dog training, is sought.