Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis posing together.
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Unsellable Houses Warns To Leave This Once-Trendy Feature In The Past
In a recent episode of “Unsellable Houses,” which focused on a condo from the 1960s, host and home design expert Lyndsay Lamb advised the owner to get rid of their aerobic mirrors.
While aerobic mirrors are excellent for gyms and fitness rooms, their large size will typically make them look overpowering and out of place in a bedroom or family room.
Once you get rid of your aerobic mirrors, chances are that your walls may look empty and a bit dull. Use this as an opportunity to add a fresh new personality to your home.
Consider an accent wall. “Accent walls will always be in style as long as it feels authentic to you,” Danielle Chiprut of Danielle Rose Design Co. told Architectural Digest.
Another creative way to add character to your empty wall space is to apply wallpaper in a color or design you enjoy. You can also choose to hang a wall art instead.