Wind chimes hanging on front porch
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Unusual Things You Might See On Someone's Home & What They Mean
Originally crafted from iron, which was once believed to have magical properties, horseshoes came to symbolize good luck, protection from misfortune, and fertility.
Considered good fortune among ancient Greeks and early Christians, the horseshoe also appears in an Irish myth about taming the devil, leading people to hang it to ward off evil.
A lion symbolizes fierce protection, power, prosperity, honor, pride, and regality. These representations reach back centuries into Chinese, Italian, and Buddhist history.
In some geographical areas such as Quebec, lion statues can indicate that the home in question is fully owned by the homeowner and that their mortgage is fully paid off.
The meanings behind rainbow imagery have shifted throughout history and cultures. In a few ancient societies, it held negative beliefs, ranging from diseases to the devil.
In Irish, Hawaiian, and some Native American lore, it's associated with gold, gods, and the sacred sun. In recent history, its imagery has been adopted by LGBTQ+ and their allies.
The hamsa, which has multicultural roots, appears as a hand that often features an eye in the center and is believed to provide protection against the "evil eye."
The evil eye is a belief that some individuals can cause harm by casting an envious or hateful glance. If the hand is inverted, it can mean manifestation, good luck, and fertility.
Wind Chimes
Though commonly hung on front porches today, wind chimes were used in ancient China to scare away the evil spirits that were believed to lurk about in the dark of night.
As time went on, their sounds became associated with spiritual, emotional, and energetic healing via sound therapy. Hanging them might bring you peace and help you relax.