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Up Your Landscaping Game With These 30 Small Backyard Ideas
To create a welcoming atmosphere, choose plants that are known for their scent, like lavender. This will make the small yard feel cozy and delightful.
Short Hedges
Make your small backyard feel bigger using small hedges that act like fences, allowing you to carve out a garden area that is separate from a lounging area.
If you don't want to commit to watering flowers weekly, swap them out for leafy bushes. Layer different heights of shrubs together to create a bushy, overgrown garden.
Focal Point
Swap out your grass for pebbles to create a focal point in the middle of the yard. Add flowers in stone planters in the center and stepping stones around it.
You can separate your backyard into designated quarters using fences. One section can be your garden, another can be your flowers, and a third can be the lounge area.