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Upcycle Your Bed Sheets Into Beautiful Curtains
Make curtains from your bed sheets cheaply and easily by cutting the sheets to size, hemming the edges, and hanging them in place. First, decide how you want to hang your curtains.
A wood or metal curtain rod is best. Next, you'll need to measure your window vertically and horizontally, and keep in mind that your curtains can cover or reveal the window frame.
Be sure to consider decor trends and window dressing best practices when selecting bed sheets for curtains. Heavier fabrics hang better, block more light, and provide more privacy.
If you don't have spare bed sheets, shop for them. Check the packaging to see what size the bed sheets are and match them to your window measurements
with a little room to spare.
Once you've chosen a bed sheet, match your sewing thread color and curtain accessories to it. Before you start sewing, iron the creases out of your bed sheets and lay them flat.
Mark out your measurements on the back of the fabric with sewing chalk. Use fabric scissors to cut out the curtain body and serge the raw edges or run a zig-zag stitch around them.
Hem all sides of the curtains to between three and four inches, then find the top of your curtains and sew a wide double-fold hem
that's open at both ends.
The hemming in the curtains will create a rod pocket with enough space to thread your curtain rod through. You can also make bed sheet curtains with a pair of fabric scissors.
Find the wide hems at the top of each sheet and cut them open on each end. Thread the curtain rod through the holes, and your new curtains are ready to hang.