Milk jug covering young plant in the garden
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Upcycle Your Empty Milk Jugs To Protect Your Gardens Seedlings
By capturing and retaining heat from sunlight, milk jugs establish a microclimate that accelerates growth and shields the seedlings from cold temperatures,
frost, and wind.
Additionally, placing a milk jug over each seedling creates a protective shield that effectively repels pests and allows the seedlings to develop without being disturbed.
To create a protective shield, or cloche, using a milk jug, cut out the bottom of the jug on three sides and leave the fourth side as a flap for anchoring the cloche to the earth.
Put the container over the seedling and fold the bottom out and away from the plant, securing the flap with a rock, brick, or tent spike so it can't be blown away or knocked over.
Use the milk jug caps at night to protect the plants from lower temperatures. Remove the lid in the morning to let the moisture inside the jug evaporate and the warm air circulate.
They should not be left on for more than 10 days, because if the temperature exceeds the maximum threshold by 10 degrees Fahrenheit, it can scorch or kill your plants.