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Upcycle Your Old Lampshades With These Interesting Home Ideas
Plant Stand
To boost your plant’s height, remove the lampshade’s fabric covering, place the plant pot inside its top opening, and paint over the metal frame to match your décor.
For an inexpensive DIY canopy, remove the lampshade’s fabric, secure several yards of your desired fabric to the lampshade, and hang your creation from a hook in the ceiling.
Bird Bath
Most glass lampshades lack a hole at the top and can be used as a bird bath. Simply attach it with the wide side up to a metal pole or sturdy base, and fill it with water.
Use a lampshade with the fabric removed as a trellis for climbing plants like morning glory or jasmine. Just place it over your pot or plant to give it a bit of structure.
Fruit Mesh Cover
Replace the lampshade’s fabric around the metal frame with a protective layer of fine mesh, and cover your fruits or snacks to keep flies and other bugs away.