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Upcycle Your Old Pillowcase To Help Promote Growth In
Your Garden
While tying unstable plants in your garden, it's best to use a wide, soft tie that distributes the pressure and supports the stems rather than
pinching them.
However, instead of spending money on velcro strips, crochet yarn, or other fancy ties, you can easily and quickly turn your old pillowcase into effective plant ties.
Start by laying your old pillowcase on a flat surface. With a sharp pair of fabric scissors, cut up from the mouth of the pillowcase, following the long seam on one side.
Stop when you reach the corner, but don't cut the other sides just yet. Instead, move your scissors back down to the mouth of the pillowcase.
In the top fabric layer, cut a short slit perpendicular to the long edge, creating a little tab about 1 inch deep and 1 inch wide.
Then, grab a hold on the fabric tab and pull it hard to tear a strip away from the pillowcase — you can also use scissors if you're having difficulty tearing.
Repeat the snipping and tearing process until you've unraveled your pillowcase into several long strips, working your way from the mouth to the corners of the pillowcase.