Strawberries in pots
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Upcycle Your Old Tires To Help Your Gardens Strawberries Grow
While you can build planters with some wood and power tools, you don't need to spend all that effort to grow strawberries. Instead, you can use just some old tires.
A DIY strawberry growing pyramid needs 9 tires. You'll also need to build it in a location that gets lots of sun, since strawberries need at least six hours of sunlight each day.
Arrange five tires in a tight circle and prepare a soil mix of 3 parts well-draining and acidic soil to 1 part compost. Add enough soil to completely fill the hole in each tire.
Stack three more tires on top of the 5-tire base in a triangle shape. Fill them up with soil like before, then add your last tire on top of the triangle and fill it.
Plant a maximum of three strawberry plants in the hole of each tire to prevent overcrowding. You can also plant strawberries in singular tires if you'd rather not stack them.