Children decorating Christmas tree
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Upcycle Your Old Wine Corks With This DIY Christmas Ornament Hack
If you want to save costs this Christmas while spending time with family and creating memorable experiences, take on the DIY project of turning wine corks into decorative baubles.
This hack from TikTok user @brightcellar is a genius way to entice your kids into helping you decorate. All you need are corks, a knife, hot glue, Elmer's glue, twine, and glitter.
First, slice the corks into ¼ to ½-inch pieces. Now, your family can gather around the table and work together to hot glue the edges of each slice and form mini-Christmas trees.
Slather craft glue on one side of the tree and cover it in glitter, then hot glue looped twine onto the top and hang it on your tree. Feel free to come up with more creative ideas.
Paint the baubles, glue on rhinestones or ribbons, or overlay them with colorful pipe cleaners to look like leaves. You can also shape the corks to be other things like snowflakes.