This photograph of a lived-in Apartment's Kitchen Pantry includes a section to the left for various food staples and to the right for dishes and crockery.
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Update Your Kitchen Storage With These 29 Clever Pantry Shelf Ideas
1. Double-sided Shelves
If your pantry is in a large room, line the walls with tall shelving units. For optimal appearance, keep the space light and bright from the shelves to the walls to the flooring.
Since you'll have so much room in your pantry with double-sided shelves, you can store extra items in this area like paper towels, large pots and pans, as well as plants.
2. Adjustable Shelves
Make use of all the space in a pantry by installing adjustable shelves, which allow you to change the height of the shelves to get more room for certain items and less for others.
White is a great color choice that will lighten small areas in the pantry and make them feel larger. If your pantry is small, a pocket door may make the most sense as well.
3. Light Wood
Just like with white shelves, those made out of light wood can also make a small pantry feel more spacious and add a natural material to the space.
You can also fit your shelves around windows in your space instead of placing shelves in front of the window. This will allow you to grow herbs and other plants in your pantry.
4. Shelves With An Edge
While most shelves are flat, some have a small edge on the front, which will prevent things from falling off of
the shelf and potentially breaking or making a mess.
If you like to decant your food into glass jars, you may want to consider shelves with an edge so you won’t worry about spilling foods and liquids or shattering glass jars.
5. Mixing Materials
Wire, metal, wood, and plastic are the most popular materials pantry shelves are made of. If you can't decide which of these to use, consider mixing multiple materials together.
One idea for mixing multiple materials in your pantry is having a frame made out of metal, while the shelves themselves are made out of wood.