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Update Your Wood Paneling With The Help Of Joanna Gaines' Advice
Wood paneling can make any home feel automatically dated. Fortunately, celebrity renovation pros like Joanna Gaines are opting to give paneling a facelift instead of replacing it.
In one renovation, Gaines’ budget of $5,000 caused her to look for other options for the wood paneling in the living room. Instead of ripping it down, she decided to paint it.
Follow her lead by first cleaning your paneling from top to bottom with a damp washcloth and then a multi-surface cleaner. Once it has dried, it’s time to repair any damage.
Use wood putty and a putty knife to fill in and smooth over any cracks, chips, and deep knots. Allow the wood putty to harden for about 24 hours until it feels firm to the touch.
Next, use sandpaper to lightly scuff the surface of the paneling, which will help the paint stick to it. Wipe off any dust, apply a stain-blocking primer, and wait for it to dry.
Select a high-quality interior latex or oil-based paint and apply it to the wall, starting with any visible grooves and knots. Apply at least two coats of paint with a roller.
Clean up any drips of paint by gently wiping them away with a soft cloth and some mineral spirits. Then, proceed to paint the trim to finish off this budget renovation.