Heap of scrap wood
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Upgrade Scrap Wood Into A Stylish Storage Solution With This Easy DIY
TikTok user @hautehouselove demonstrated how to create your own budget-friendly storage box by using leftover wood that you already have and customizing it exactly how you want it.
You'll need a large piece of scrap wood, corner clamps, and a nail gun (or screws and a drill). If you don't have any scrap wood on hand, you can buy some from Home Depot for $18.
Based on your desired size, cut three longer planks for the sides and back of the cubby and four shorter, rectangular pieces all the same length for the top, bottom, and insides.
To build the outside of your box, use your corner clamp to hold the two long side pieces and two short top and bottom pieces in place, then attach them with your nail gun.
Nail the third long piece on the back, and insert the two inside shelves. You can add as many shelves as you want depending on the size of your box and what you’ll use it for.
Use this method to create any size box you need, like a large box with sections for books or plants, or a custom-fit box for a specific space, then paint it to match your decor.