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Upgrade Your Boring Pedestal Sink With This Clever Ikea Storage Hack
If you feel your bathroom's pedestal sink is dull, give it an affordable upgrade by hiding it using Ikea Godmorgan storage, as shown by TikToker @rebecca_propes.
Measure the Godmorgan's size and cut the floral wood accent to size with a saw, making one piece per drawer. The wood accent can cover the whole front of each one or partially.
For a precise fit, carefully cut the wood to size for the design's border, creating four separate pieces. Ensuring everything fits snugly will prevent any wonky results.
Glue all the pieces with adhesive and use your nail gun to secure everything before painting the storage. After each step, wait for the product to fully dry.
Attach the wooden legs to the unit's bottom and slide the new drawers into place. Alternatively, depending on the style and height of your pedestal sink, mount it to your wall.
With your new stylish storage in place, customizations are endless. Consider adding wooden slats, a marble top, or even a floral vinyl overlay to truly make it your own.