Rusty old wheelbarrow
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Upgrade Your Cottage Garden With This DIY Wheelbarrow Decor
Before you throw out that old wheelbarrow, try this simple hack for a DIY garden feature that is brimming with flowers and becomes a hotspot for pollinators.
First, remove rust with a wire brush and bits of hard cement with a steel scraper to clean your wheelbarrow. Drill ¾-inch wide holes, 5 inches apart, at the bottom for drainage.
Fill the wheelbarrow with enriched potting soil and mature compost. Mix the two ingredients with a garden fork or shovel in preparation for planting your flowers.
Choose plants that like the same conditions. Try verbenas and petunias to cascade down, dwarf canna lilies (or snapdragons) to add height and elegance, and sedums for resilience.
Use your hands to make holes in the soil and ensure each plant has enough room to breathe and flourish. Wheel your creation to where it can bask in the sun and grab attention.
Painting your wheelbarrow will give it a real facelift. Use a color that vibes with your garden and protects against the elements — you can even affix some pretty decals.