IKEA bed slats
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Upgrade Your Garden With Unwanted IKEA Furniture, Here's How
If you want to upgrade your garden and are willing to take on an inexpensive yet creative DIY project, consider making a stylish planter using some leftover IKEA bed slats.
As shown by TikTok user @bangonstyle, begin by measuring the length of the bed slats to work out the dimensions for your planter. Use old bed slats or grab some from IKEA for $30.
You'll need eight short pieces for the planter's width and eight long ones for its length. Disassemble the slats and shave each of their ends at a 45-degree angle with a miter saw.
In total, you should have 16 pieces from the bed slats alongside your two pieces of scrap wood and two baton sections. Now, you can start assembling everything.
Line up a set of four slats of the same size and connect them with a wooden baton, drill, and screws. Position the baton vertically across the horizontal slats.
Repeat this for each set of four before connecting them to craft a box shape. For the bottom, measure and slice three or four pieces of scrap wood.
Screw them into place with a bit of space between each board. From there, screw on some additional boards as feet, and use wood filler over any gaps or screw holes.
Sand it before securing your wooden ladder trolley. Then, purchase a specific length of ladder or cut one to size, and add a coat of paint before leaving it out to dry.
Line it with a plastic sheet and move it into position, ensuring to leave holes in the plastic so water can drain easily. Fill it up with your chosen soil, plants, or herbs.