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Upgrade Your IKEA Billy Bookcase With
This Chic Tip
If you want to build an affordable statement wall piece, New York interior designer Eneia White has a perfect tip that can elevate any simple Billy bookcase into a chic wonder.
White uses millwork to alter a set of Billy bookcases, and says that "Built-in millwork [molding] elevates the overall aesthetic of any space, but it can be a costly expense."
Instead, White says to visit any local hardware store to buy molding profiles in order to keep your expenses lower. To begin, you'll first need to mount the bookcases to the wall.
Then, grab your molding profiles for the base, sides, and crown of the bookshelves, and install them to close any gaps between the bookcases and the corners of the wall.
After that, you can either keep your statement wall white for an elegant, upscale look, or paint it any color of your choosing.