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Upgrade Your IKEA Kallax Shelf With This Simple Styrofoam Hack
Creating an artsy piece of furniture doesn't always have to come at a cost. You can make a regular IKEA Kallax look like a stunning piece of high-end furniture using styrofoam.
As shown by TikToker @architecturesight, measure the size of the shelves and cut out square sections from styrofoam boards to fit on each of the bases and the open holes.
Fit them snugly inside, gluing the ones on the base of the shelf. Then, draw out where you want your new arch-like holes to be and cut them out.
Use an adhesive paste and spread it through the inside and outside of the shelves, then let it dry and rub it down so the surface evens out and is flat. Now, it's time to paint.
However, first mix some baking soda in your preferred paint color to create the beautiful finish you see in the TikToker's video. Once it's dry, apply some protective wax.