IKEA MALM instruction manual next to screws and a drill
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Upgrade Your IKEA MALM Nightstands With One Easy Hack
TikToker @home_decor_more showed a hack for converting an IKEA MALM two-drawer chest into a high-end nightstand, and it's possible to pull it off at just under $150.
The TikToker gave the furniture a new coat of paint, a supportive bottom, legs to raise it off the floor, and chic pull handles, then paired it with decor to match its accents.
The creator chose a black-brown MALM nightstand and painted it black. If you're painting it, too, sand it down first. Next, drill holes into the drawers to fit the draw pulls.
Install a piece of plywood at the bottom for extra support and paint the legs of your nightstand with gold paint. Then drill holes into the bottom and screw the legs into them.